Version 0.9.0 released


From the changelogs;


  • Within the editor, optional input fields are now hidden unless the containing node is either hovered or selected. (#36)

  • The xible command line interface now supports the ‘node’ context for getting and setting data values on nodes. (#34)

  • Add a ‘state’ output to the xible.flow node. This returns the running state of a flow, a number between 0 and 5, inclusive.

  • Implemented xiblepm nodepack remove for removing nodepacks. (#24)

  • Implemented xiblepm nodepack upgrade for upgrading nodepacks. (#41)


  • Instances of Node only receive a trigger event when they are an event node at the start of a flow. Previously, this event would also be emitted whenever an input trigger was hit.


  • document.* nodes are removed, after they were deprecated in favor of object.*.

  • xiblepm flow remove is removed after it was deprecated in version 0.7.0. It was replaced by xible flow delete.


  • Long uninterrupted strings in node descriptions would overflow the node selector.

  • Performance of node selector has been greatly improved, especially when there are many nodes installed.