Version 0.7.0 released


A new version of XIBLE has been released.
From the changelog;


  • Flows can be started/stopped and deleted using the cli. See the xible cli documentation for more information. (#18)

  • The xible command line interface supports the ‘config’ context just like xiblepm. (#22)

  • console.log, console.error and console.clear nodes are now included in XIBLE. log.console is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. (#27)


  • xiblepm flow remove is deprecated in favor of xible flow delete.

  • The command line interface tools xible & xiblepm are now stored in ./bin.

  • The document.assign node only callbacks once when multiple documents are hooked up to the ‘document’ input.

  • Callbacks from nodes in response to output.on('trigger') resulting from a input.getValues() call can now only be called back once. An error is thrown if called multiple times.

  • Direct mode can now be enabled/disabled through the settings. It is disabled by default. (#26)


  • Resizing the editor to only narrowly fit the cpu/mem/delay charts no longer toggles the scrollbar in- and out of view. (#11)

  • Publishing flows to the registry no longer includes the vault data (#25)