Version 0.12.0 released


Install or upgrade now using npm install -g xible
From the changelogs;


  • Nodes can now host their own routes through the API of XIBLE. Have a look at the new routes documentation on how to use them. (#71).
    Note the twitter nodepack which makes use of this new feature to streamline the authentication process.

  • Starting a flow through the editor which uses xible.flow.param nodes will now request for the values of those parameters. (#57)

  • NodeOutput triggered functions can now return promises instead of relying on the callback parameter. (#73)


  • Hexadecimal colors are now allowed in typedefs.

  • object.assign node works on all target inputs, instead of just the first one.

  • Saving or deploying a flow while instances on it are running, prompts the sure to ensure it is okay that these running instances are stopped. (#38)

  • Starting while instances are already running prompts the user to stop the running instances or leave them running.

  • The xible.flow.param node has been renamed to xible.flow.instance.param. The parameter (value) is assigned and therefore specific to the instance, not the flow.


  • cast node is working again now the output type is properly reset when all connectors detach.

  • Installing a nodepack through the editor now properly reloads the typedefs. This ensures that the colors on inputs & outputs are working, and that connectors work across the inheritance chain of a newly added typedef.

  • Flow instances stop if there is no more work to be done. Also, XIBLE exists properly after calling xible.close().