Version 0.10.0 released


From the changelogs;


  • Added the xible.flow.param node including applicable command line and REST API options. These allow parameters to be send when starting a flow. (#45)

  • A flow can now be instantiated multiple times. (#46)

  • Added input.* nodes to modify return values. (#48)

  • Implemented xible service restart command to restart the xible service if it was installed. (#51)

  • Connection status messages are now visible on every view. (#52)


  • xible.flow.start raises an error if a flow does not exist.

  • xible.flow.start contains an output for the instance it created when starting a flow.

  • If the extends keyword for a typedef is not set, it defaults to object.

  • NodeOutputs that do not have a type set, will no longer be triggered to ensure only values within the extends chain of the calling NodeInput are returned. (#49)


  • Configuring SSL now redirects plain HTTP requests to the configured SSL port, instead of plain HTTP port + 1.

  • The node help page now properly shows the original (structure) type of the node inputs and outputs, instead of the active type.